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Claridge Company uses a direct introduction approach to the institutional investor. When you become a client of Claridge Company, we will have an introductory meeting during which we gain a through understanding of your business, your unique strengths, assets and competitive advantages.

Once we know your story, we utilize our database of professional investors to introduce your Chairman, CEO or CFO to reputable portfolio managers, buy side analysts, brokerage firm analysts, investment bankers, institutional salespeople and private equity funds throughout the US, Canada and Europe. Additionally, Claridge introduces companies to investment banking sources for possible capital raise, M & A, or advisory services.

Part of the Claridge solution is ensuring you are prepared for the meetings. This includes supervising the production of your marketing materials and fact sheets, as well as rehearsing your presentation. As a final step, we accompany you to the investor meetings or audio/visual conferencing meetings. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help increase the value of your business.

For the Investor

As a professional investor you are inundated with calls about “stock ideas.” You need to sift through the materials and make decisions concerning which meetings will be valuable.

Meeting with a firm that Claridge represents will be time well spent. While we do not provide traditional written research reports, we go to great lengths to determine the quality of management, the financial strength of the corporation and its growth prospects. Additionally, we help our companies present themselves in a professional, detailed fashion.


The Principal of Claridge, Raymond Pirtle, has almost four decades of experience in the investment world. He knows that the direct approach to link micro-cap corporations with an expanded list of potentially new and high quality shareholders works.

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