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About Claridge

The Claridge Company represents small corporations, generally with a public equity valuation of under $200mm, and larger companies that have been unable to attract attention from professional investors.

We use our 39 years of experience and relationship building to provide senior management of public and private companies direct introductions to:

  • Portfolio managers
  • Brokerage firm analysts
  • Investment bankers
  • Institutional salespeople
  • Private equity funds

The Claridge Company works with senior management to enhance shareholder value by increasing corporate awareness.

The Claridge Difference

Claridge Company uses a direct introduction approach to the institutional investor. Unlike the more typical investor relations firms, Claridge does not provide financial reporting services or press release support nor does it use a "blast invitation” approach to the money center investment groups. Claridge believes that the direct approach generates more predictable outcomes and is therefore the preferred course for our clients.

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